MOT Station Gorbals

If you have been looking for an MOT station in the Gorbals then you should come to us, we have been specialising in MOT tests for several years now.

Over the years we have gained a reliable reputation for the MOT tests that we offer to people in the Gorbals, this is because we are very thorough and always aim to provide a service that is of the highest standard possible.

Each of our mechanics are fully qualified and have years experience in MOT testing, so you can expect us to be professionals here at our MOT station.

During an MOT you can expect our mechanics to:

  • Check that the body and vehicle structure is free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas and that there are no sharp edges that will cause injury
  • Check that the fuel system has no leaks and that the fuel caps fasten and seal securely
  • Check that the exhaust meets the requirements for exhaust emissions, this depends on the age and the fuel type of the vehicle
  • Check that the exhaust system is secure and complete without there being any serious leaks
  • Check the condition of seat belts along with the operation and the security to make sure that all seat belts are in place
  • Check that all seats are secure
  • Check that mirrors are in place, in good condition and are secure
  • Check that brakes are in good condition and operate and perform to a satisfactory level
  • Check that the boot of the car is secured in the closed position
  • Check that the tyres and wheels are in good condition, secure, are the correct size and type and that the tread depth is sufficient
  • Check that the registration plates are in good condition, are secure and that the characters are correctly formed and spaced
  • Check that the lights are operational and are secure, headlamps will also be tested for aim
  • Check that the bonnet latches are in the closed position
  • Check that the wipers and washers operate to give the driver a clear view ahead
  • Check that the windscreen is in good condition and that the driver’s view of the road is clear
  • Check that the horn operates correctly and is suitable
  • Check that the steering and suspension is of a suitable condition and operation
  • Check the vehicle identification number


If your vehicle fails it’s MOT test at our MOT station then it will need to be repaired and retested in order for you to be able to drive on the road.

We offer decent prices to people in the Gorbals who come to our MOT station and would be more than happy to give a quote before we get started. All you have to do is give us a call on 01414292849.