Cheap Car Servicing Gorbals

Manufacturers servicing

Each time a car is designed the manufacturer sets out a service schedule for the car which is what they believe will keep it running reliably and safely. Generally there is 65-85 checks when it comes to a manufacturer service and 5-15 changes to your car. This is slightly different depending on your car and the engine, transmission, age and mileage.

Why servicing is important

Even when your car is outwith its warranty you should consider car servicing.

Safety is important for all vehicle owners in the Gorbals which is why it is essential that you have your car serviced regularly. A routine car service will keep your car in optimum condition, this is because if there are any faults with your vehicle then the mechanic would notice this which could save you in an emergency.

Our garage

Here at our garage in the Gorbals we offer cheap car servicing to customers and have done so for a number of years now.

Our customers regularly speak highly of our cheap car servicing telling us that our service is value for money, without us compromising on quality. This has meant that the majority of our work has came as a result of repeat custom and through word of mouth.

We have a team of mechanics who are highly skilled and have years experience when it comes to servicing cars so rest-assured you will be using a reliable and professional car garage.

If you are in the Gorbals and would like to find out more about our cheap car servicing or you would like to arrange for us to service your vehicle then simply give us a call. One of our mechanics will then be able to discuss our service in greater depth and/or get you booked in at the most suitable time.