Wheel Alignment Gorbals

IMG_0808What wheel alignment is & why it’s used

Wheel alignment refers the angle and direction of where the tyres are set. It’s used when drivers hit kerbs or are driving at speed through a pothole because this generally results in wheel misalignment. It’s important that wheel alignment is carried out if you think that they aren’t aligned properly because poorly alignment tyres can affect road holding, increase fuel consumption and ultimately decrease the life of your tyres.

How to tell if your wheels need to be aligned

Signs of wheel misalignment include:

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Steering wheel pull (this means that the steering wheel is pulling to the left or right when driving on an even surface)


What we can offer

Here at our garage we specialise in wheel alignment and have done so for some time now. We are based in the Gorbals and have years experience in wheel alignment, making us professionals at providing this service.

The benefits of coming to us

  • We have advanced equipment which allows us to provide a service that is second to none
  • Our wheel alignment will reduce tyre wear
  • This service will improve fuel consumption
  • Safer handling, this is because your handling problems will be corrected by having your wheel alignment checked


Our mechanics

Each of the mechanics at our garage in the Gorbals have undertaken all of the necessary training and have years experience in providing our wheel alignment service. They are committed to customer service so you can expect them not only to provide a service that matches your expectation but a service that exceeds your expectations.

Our prices

Our prices are decent and we would be more than happy to give a free quote to you or anyone else in the Gorbals who is in need of this service.

Contact us

If you think that your wheels are misaligned then you should arrange to come into our garage so that we can take a look. Just give us a call on 0141 429 2849 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you.